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Matching principle
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Recommendation system for E-commerce
CT1 file return for SME in Ireland
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Quality and safety options

Both the selection of a contractor and the service can be customized to the requested level of quality and security.

Dedicated account manager

Hire an account manager to take care of sharing and structuring your project brief, and help contractors to optimize quotes.

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Verified jobs are secure. A dedicated account manager will be at disposal for any questions, and to help with cultural gaps.

Payment gateway

Payments are released to contractors only after review of milestones, or work diaries, in the case of contracts on an hourly basis.

Quality assurance

Quality Assurance and Quality Control minimize the probabily of expenses due to faulty product design and development.*

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Scientific and marketing data on methods and technologies is provided to help with reviewing and taking data-driven decisions.

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An analyst will provide personalized support to review proposals, and to understand the specifics of each solution.

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All quotes and profiles of contractors are collected and presented in a printed report. No need to open an online account.

Due diligence

Information on vendors are verified. Proposals are summarized to ease the selection process and avoid biases.

The full list of options is available when submitting a new inquiry.

*This service is provided in partnership with certified contractors.

Review research and technologies to make informed decisions

Access information from academic and marketing research. Learn about technologies and techniques, and make a data-driven selection. Certify the quality of your services by employing scientific results.

Web design
Data science
Mobile apps

Our services of support to review only makes use of contextualized information from verified research and reports for an objective and transparent support.


Websites of high visual complexity lead to a more negative first impression than websites of medium or low complexity and prototypical websites create a better first impression than less prototypical ones.
the use of higher color saturation on websites can negatively affect users' assessment of trustworthiness and usability depending on website contents. Moreover, judgment of visual appeal appear to happen quickly during the first 50 ms in an implicit manner.
consumers perceive that brands have five distinct personality dimensions: Sincerity, Excitement, Competence, Sophistication, and Ruggedness. The results of a series of factor analyses run on subsets of subjects established the robustness of the brand personality dimensions.
The red color stimulates appetite because of its effect on our metabolism, making red a popular color choice among fast-food restaurants.
Clustering is typically described as the process of finding structure in data by grouping similar objects together, where the resulting set of groups are called clusters. Many clustering algorithms directly apply the idea that clusters can be formed such that objects in the same cluster should be more similar to each other than to objects in other clusters.
revenue for the Speech and Voice Recognition Software Developers industry will rise at an annualized rate of 16.3% to $4.2 billion.
React was the fastest framework in two of the tests, and slowest in none. Svelte was the fastest in two tests, while Angular was the fastest in one and together with Svelte, very slow when updating any DOM elements.
This year, 83% of time spent with tablets will be in apps, a big increase from a few years ago but still less than the 90% of smartphone time in apps. The higher browser percentage for tablets likely comes from their continued role in shopping, which remains a primarily web-based activity.


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