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Selection guidelines

  • Case studies may describe pros and cons of a solution or a contractor in real cases.
  • Specifics such as technologies, features, princing, and team experience do help making data-driven considerations.
  • Statistics and research help to evaluate correctly the impact of a certain solution or technology.
  • User ratings may not be a trustful or statistically meaningful indicator of quality.
  • Client showcases may not be an indicator of customer satisfaction or retention.

How we do list solutions

  • Webpages
    We list pages and resources to provide a large set of data for unbiased comparisons.
  • Solution specifics
    We collect information such as features and pricings that are relevant to estimate the quality of services..
  • Random ranking
    The visualized ranking is randomized to ensure unbiased considerations. You may use filter to narrow your research.
  • Sponsored content
    A promoted profile is not an indicator of higher quality. All solutions have the same ability to publish information.
  • Biasing statements
    Slogans and positive language may bias considerations towards purchase.

Our policy on data privacy and transparency

We collect, process, and visualize data to ensure transparency and data-driven considerations.

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